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In each unassembled motorcycle we include everything you need to assemble and ride the bike out of your garage, minus the paint and fluids.

Before the unassembled motorcycle ships out to you, we execute a mock-up of the major components to insure proper fit. The hardware is provided in labeled bags so you know where every fastener goes. Your VIN stamped unassembled motorcycle will be registered as a Big Bear Chopper with a Manufacturer’s Title at the DMV, which means it’s much easier and cheaper to register, insure and finance. The instruction manual for your project is a five hour DVD video produced in-house showing the process of the tips and tricks of building a BBC machine. We also provide phone tech support if you are still stuck on a problem. After your motorcycle is complete, send us photos of your ride with your story. We admire and applaud what our customers are coming up with from the kit, and we love to see their trophies!

We have been the leading designer and manufacturer of unassembled motorcycles since 2001 and a custom bike builder since 1998. We are industry famous for providing a product that is more than just a great motorcycle; it’s the experience of building your own custom motorcycle in your garage. The learning knowledge and skill, the trials and swearing, the joy and satisfaction are some of the by-products that come with building a custom motorcycle yourself. Once you have raised your monster from the bike stand, the second chapter of your adventure and miles of memories begin. Man and machine have bonded.

We offer enough frame and swingarm designs, sheet metal styles and component choices to make each Big Bear Chopper a true custom tailored motorcycle for you.

Make sure you download our custom order form in PDF format from our website to find the best options and upgrades for your Big Bear Chopper. Talk to an authorized dealer about your possibilities and options of building your bike from our unassembled product.